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I started seeing Janelle for lymphatic drainage massage after a recent surgery. I started with extreme swelling and stiffness and after the first session I was able to lift my legs and move freely. After a few sessions, I feel better all over!  

Janelle is so wonderful to work with. She takes her time and asks questions and makes you feel comfortable before she even starts to work. During the lymphatic massage, she’ll tell you what’s she’s doing and even teaches you techniques you can do on yourself to move lymphatic fluid. In fact, she taught my husband how to help when I experience hard swelling!

I would recommend Janelle to anyone who requires a lymphatic massage after surgery or even when experiencing symptoms of a stalled lymphatic system. Her beautiful personality and incredible knowledge of the lymphatic system should have patients lining up!  I’ll certainly be keeping my appointments!

Lori T.,   Newark, DE


I've been nervous to do any core exercises, worried I was going to make my ab separation worse, but after just one visit I was able to feel more confident with what I should and shouldn't be doing!


Bevin H.,   Newark, DE


Janelle exudes compassion and understanding with all the complex challenges of a woman's changing body through pregnancy.  She helped me understand why issues had surfaced and how to treat them in a holistic and practical way.  Logistically, it was great that she was able to come to my house, especially convenient for a mom of 2 (with one on the way) to help prioritize my own health and wellness!  I started seeing improvements after the first appointment and look forward to my future sessions!

Sarah F.,   Wilmington, DE


I had been leaking when sneezing, laughing and reaching down.  This has been happening since my first child, but now that I am pregnant again it was all getting worse!  I was hesitant to try PT because I thought all pelvic floor therapy was internal work.  I was shocked that within just a couple of visits with Janelle, without any internal work, my symptoms have nearly gone away!  I wish I would have done therapy sooner!

L.M., Middletown, DE
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